2 days in Hamburg

Initially we thought Hamburg as a second city with very little to do from travel point of view! That was the time when we didn’t knew much about the city and hardly did any research to increase the knowledge bank. Few months back, we finally decided to change that and visit Hamburg – went through a lot of travel sites, magazines and spoke to some German friends, to know more about the city and what to expect. We were amazed to learn so much about the city. Soon ended up in Hamburg.

The first feel:: Hamburg is big, in fact huge (second largest city in Germany) & a big player in the financial market. Got that feel as soon as we arrived @Hamburg Bahnhof. The central station itself is massive and looks like a giant shopping mall with pretty much everything! At least 5 times bigger than the Copenhagen station (why I am comparing to Copenhagen!, anyways…) and Hamburg is not even the capital city.

We walked out from central station towards the Haffencity, where we had booked our accommodation using Airbnb. The walk was from the old part of the city with old architecture to the newly built part, which has new & modern architecture. At one point, we had old city on our left and new part on right – moving your neck anticlockwise at that time, gave a sense of time travel.

We reached Hamburg in the evening from Lübeck, had a long chat with our hosts on general perception of the city, what to see, what to eat, where to eat and so on…. . Ended our day with drinks & food at Hard Rock Cafe.

The next couple of days, we wandered around the streets and visited the common sites in the city:

Rathuas – A big square with Town hall,


St. Petri & St. Jakobi churches,

St. Michaelis Church – one will walk across this church at least once when in Hamburg! Just cannot be avoided and the best thing is to climb up 465 steps to get stunning views of the city itself!!!

The city view from the top!
The city view from the top!

Old Elbe tunnel – oldest and still operating pedestrian & vehicle tunnel. Cross over to the other side to get the city view.



A video shot inside the tunnel:

Strolled along water side between Elbe tunnel & Haffencity – lot of activities happening on a good sunny day. Some local guys singing the German song:

Below is the full song:


Historical Museum – Knew a little bit more about Hamburg as a city & it’s people.

Bismark Memorial


On second night, visited the world famous Reeperbahn – a red light district. Actually it was the place where we witnessed the very first Pole dance of our life  😉 🙄

And, Hans Hummel is all over Hamburg in different form & colours:

HAM-065     IMG_6149

Check out this post, for our experiences on things & places to eat out.


Hamburg is really a fascinating city and we very much liked it. However, there was one incident which made us to think:

We were told by our hosts that the one side public transport fare is 1.50€. When we boarded bus for the first time (it was around 20:00 hours), the driver charged 2.1€ per head for a single trip from Haffencity to Lundsbrucken. We didn’t inquired much thinking about that fares might have changed. While travelling back on the same route (at 23:00), the different driver asked the same fare and this time (out of my curiosity) I told that the fare is 1.50€. The driver quickly & quietly agreed to that fare! Not a big issue, but a bit surprising to experience something like that in Germany!

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