3 days in Rome

Rome is pretty big. It is filled with large crowds & bad traffic. Yet it is one of the remarkable cities of the world with diversity in culture, food & people. The very first thing we did right was not to travel in summer to Rome. We went to Rome during Easter’13 and a little experience with a bit of sunshine was enough for us to indicate how much hot the summers could be! We traveled to Rome from Milan, using the train Italo. The journey was of around 3 hours and pretty smooth. We stayed in a lively, peaceful and wealthy area (as the residents said) of Rome with Airbnb, which was around 25 minutes from city center by bus. Even though we were provided with clear instructions from our host to reach her place, we somehow messed it up the first time while going from station to the apartment and got out from the bus way before our actual stop. RESULT: Had to walk almost 2 kms with our luggage to reach the place. It was fun, as we had the nice walk in early spring weather.

We had purchased the Roma Pass at the station for 3 days, which included transportation. It was nice to had that pass, as we didn’t had to worry about any tickets and in some places like Colosseum, we didn’t even had to stand in line for entry – sort of royal feel :)! I would suggest anyone visiting Rome for more than 1 day and planning to use transportation along with a lot of sightseeing, go for Roma Pass – it really saves a lot in terms of money, time & effort! And it’s easily available.

Picture 129

After settling down in our room, we decided to go to Vatican city to start off. It was almost 4 PM by the time we left our apartment. And by the time we reached Vatican City, most of the crowd was cleared and all admissions were closed.

Picture 187

Swiss Guards
Swiss Guards

For the dinner, we returned to the city center and after a lot of roaming and rejection from many restaurants (being fully booked) we ended up in a restaurant ‘Pizzeria Robinhood‘. We had some of the best pizza’s there especially the beans pizza, just like Roman style.

Picture 220 Picture 214

The next day was an architectural tour, which started with Colosseum and later the Roman Forum. Both of which don’t need any sort of introduction. I read a lot about these before making the trip, but the experience of being there and having the feel was completely different. Below are some pictures which describe how huge the Colosseum & Roman Forum are:

Picture 131 Picture 015 Picture 032 Picture 138

After that it was time for the fountain of love, Trevi Fountain – if you want to return to Rome, drop a coin without looking in the fountain and you’ll be back one day (at least hypothetically). Not sure if that works!

Picture 193

And further towards the Pantheon, Spanish steps and few other monumental sightseeing near the city center.

Picture 211

It was a day with plenty of sunshine, which was really important as we were outdoors the complete day and relied on sunshine 🙂

It was again the Vatican City time on the 4th day. We climbed 323 steps to reach the top of St. Peter’s Basicila.

Picture 006 Picture 032

After the Vatican City tour, we had few hours left, so we decided to take the Hop on Hop Off tour bus, in order to get some additional information on the city and see the things which we haven’t covered. We took the Roma Christania bus tour. It was nice weather in the morning & was pretty warm. But as the day passed, the clouds took over and made sure that we use our jackets.

Picture 091

At the end, we made our way to try to popular ice cream shop, Giolitti. The ice creams were really good, a pure & traditional taste with big portions!

Picture 103 Picture 104

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