Aalborg & Skagen trip: Actual cost sheet


At last have decided, to pen down the actual cost which we incurred in our last trip to Aalborg & Skagen from Copenhagen (3rd July till 5th July’15) . All our bookings were made only 4-6 days before our travel and included:


We went through a lot of options before booking our itinerary – train travel, flight trip, road trip & bus travel. The train & flight travels were pretty costly and road trip was not an option for us, as we don’t have European Driving License and no car-sharing service was available. Regarding the bus travel – we had two options – rødbillet & line 888 by Abildskou. For us, rødbillet turned out to be a budget option for the round trip. The cost of one side travelling per person was 199 DKK, which in total costed us 398+398 = 796 DKK.

From Aalborg to Skagen we used our Rejsekort personal. And used the same for using public transport in Skagen. Rejserkort is Danish travel card which is pretty useful for someone who is in the country for an extended time and uses public transport.



Like we did for transportation, we did checked multiple places before booking our final stay. We checked booking.com, Airbnb & few other local deal options. Finally went ahead with Hotel Chagall via booking.com. The cost for 2 nights for a double room was 1560 DKK with breakfast inclusive.

Food’ng & Drinking:

We are not-so-museum thingy people and most of our spending is on Food & drinks (apart from Hotel & Transportation). For us, the total cost involved was 1523 DKK which included dinner, drinks, coffees, fast foods and some ice creams 🙂

Sightseeing & Others:

Most of the things in Aalborg & Skagen did not required any fees, which made this section pretty low cost. We did paid a little amount for getting up the towers in both the cities: 40 DKK for Aalborg Citytåret ticket and 20 DKK for Skagen Water Tower.

And as a last thing, we bought souvenir from Skagen, which costed 30 DKK only.

So, total cost incurred was 4303.8 DKK for two persons for 2 nights trip


Please note that this cost is what incurred to us, based on our travel style and things we did – this will differ at individual level. The above should be taken as a reference only 🙂

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