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Posted on July 10, 2015

We started out our ‘Exploring Denmark’ series with northern part of the country (North Jutland, in Danish: Nordjylland). We choose Aalborg, the fourth largest city of Denmark as our first destination.

It’s a nice city with a small historic center. Pretty much everything is compacted at one place. It’s the city which is popularly known for it’s street – Jomfru Ane Gade – which has lot of pubs & food joints. And the Danes call it as ‘The longest bar in Denmark‘!

Apart from the street, few other things to try out in city are:

* The Citytårnet gives a spectacular 360º panoramic view of the city (Limfjord, the waterfront & the historic city center). One can get to top either by climbing 144 steps or using a small lift and it costs only 20 DKK per person.

* Budolfi Church – smallest church in Denmark.

* City Hall – small yellow coloured building.

* Aalborghus Castle – doesn’t exactly looks like a castle, though it’s pretty.

* Jens Bang’s Stonehouse – largest Renaissance house in Scandinavia.

* Lindholm Høje – høje means hills. It’s the viking burial site and has been a final resting place for around 600 years. It lies around 4 kms north of city center and can be reached very easily using public transport bus (if walking is not an option).

* Utzon center – modern architecture.

*  If interested in English beers, try out the Aalborg Beerwalk by Aalborg tourism. You will be provided with a 15cl glass to try out 6 different beers from 6 different English pubs. It’s quite funny to roam around with a small 15cl glass and be in between those huge 33cl or 50cl glasses ;). Awkward feeling sometimes, but again you can try out some strong beers with alcohol percentage of more than 8-9% without getting drunk! 🙄

Budolfi Cathedral

Budolfi Cathedral

City Hall

City Hall

Jens Bang's Stonehouse

Jens Bang’s Stonehouse

Aalborg Castle

Aalborg Castle

Aalborg Castle

Aalborg Castle

Toldbod Plads with cruise in background.

Toldbod Plads with cruise in background.

Utzon Center.

Utzon Center.

The Vikings burial site @Limfjord Høje

The Vikings burial site @Lindholm Høje

Aalborg City view from Limfjorden

Aalborg City view from Limfjorden

Burp Experience:

We tried the beers at The Irish HouseJohn Bull Pub, The WharfSøgaards Bryghus. The last of these is a micro brewery and has some decent collection of local brewed beers. All others were mainly has English beers.

The first day, we ate out at Søgaards Bryghus with some beer tasting. We tried the week’s fish which was served with shrimps & potato and a shrimp salad. The food was just okay! But we think it’s a bit over priced….

The other day we ate out at a Italian restaurant named San Giovanni. It was just next to our hotel and food was good. Even though for me it didn’t went well, as I ordered something out of curiosity (as I didn’t knew about the dish) and it ended up being too salty for my taste. But, it was great for Deepa – she ordered a Swiss Chard Ravioli.

Tried out the sandwiches from Nadia’s Sandwich, which are really awesome!

We booked our stay via Booking.com at Hotel Chagall in Aalborg and it was great. The hotel was really nice, comfortable, helpful staff & served delicious breakfast.

We took the rødbillet bus from Copenhagen to Aalborg. The tickets was priced at 199 DKK per person, which is pretty low cost in comparison to other means of transport (even including other bus services).

Crossing the Great Belt (Storebælt) was an experience in itself and then crossing the small Danish towns like Korsør, Middelfart, Vejle – just loved them.

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