We are an Indian couple, living as expats in Denmark with a strong passion for travel & an urge to taste cuisine from around the world (doesn’t matter whether it’s raw, tastes sour or is too spicy!). We come from the South East part of India, a group of islands known as Andaman & Nicobar Islands – one of the beautiful places on the Earth. We were born & brought up in the islands, went to different schools, different colleges but somehow ended up under same roof! We are not going to start a love story 😉

We are ‘dromomaniacs’, who are always in constant mood to plan our next adventure to explore new places, to meet new people, to try different cuisine & learn something new every time from our first-hand experiences. We like to take road less travelled now & then, which means exploring places which are not very usual on travel charts but still deserve to be! We prefer to travel in a smart way and try to experience the place from locals perspective. It’s not about being luxurious every time and at the same time not being in budget mode always. Somewhere in between the two 🙂

Also, we are mostly off-seasoned & eleventh hour travellers in order to avoid general tourist crowd and feel the other side of the place, which otherwise is hard to get! Also, both of us are pretty unstoppable when it comes to anything sweet in taste!

Travelling has taught us a lot of new things, has helped us in achieving certain things in our lives, has gave us immense experience which we would have not got otherwise. theTravelBurp is all about these experiences – our travel life & food experiences. Along the way, would be sharing the experiences we had (probably in some time once everything is documented), are having & will have.

As of now, we are roaming around in different European cities/towns as & when the time permits, but it’s almost constant for us.

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At the end, one liners from individuals:


I am Deepa, an ex-teacher by profession and evolved as a cook & a make-up junkie(Yeah!!!). Also, an iPhone lover!

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I am a technologist by profession and a traveler by choice. A big tech fan and has got the itch to own the new technology. I like music, meeting new people and doing a lot of party. My motto: Work Smart, Party hard and travel often!

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