Ærø & Odense Cost Sheet – August’15


Ærø, in the Southern Region of Denmark is a great small island. Our trip back in Aug’15 was a perfect example of how diverse Denmark is! It’s one of the not-to-be missed destination for anyone visiting Denmark.

We travelled from Copenhagen and the most common route was: train from Copenhagen to Nyborg, then bus to Svendborg and finally ferry to Ærø – with the round trip costing fortune! Upon researching a bit and adding few pieces together, I came up with a better economical route: bus from Copenhagen to Odense, train to Svendborg and then ferry to Ærø. That’s how Odense was included in our itinerary.

Below is the cost for the different routes for two persons:

Bus from Copenhagen to Odense 250
Train from Odense to Svendborg 131.4
Ferry tickets (to & fro) 398
Train from Svendborg to Odense 146
Bus from Odense to Copenhagen 250

The public transport in the island is free and in Odense we didn’t needed any public transport – so this remained 0.

The next thing was to get a hotel – to my surprise most of the hotels/B&B’s were sold out. There were not many options available on Airbnb as well. Most the B&B’s have their own websites and it’s a bit hard to find the one! I followed the list presented on Ærø Guide (from visitaeroe.dk) and contacted few of them, but almost everyone were sold out! Lastly, settled with Badehotel via booking.com. The reviews were not comprehensive, but that was our only option. Even though our stay in the hotel was pleasant with super breakfast, great sea views and also we didn’t had any issue during our stay, but from cleanliness point of view the hotel lacked a lot. It really needed some sort of cleaning drive, as there were lot of spider webs and flies inside the hotel. Every review on booking.com had the same complaint and now the hotel is not available anymore on the platform to book (as per 21st Sept’15)! The 2-night/3-day stay costed us 1598 DKK.

In Odense, we had an Airbnb apartment near city center for 1 night, which was priced at 343 DKK.

The total cost of stay: 1941 DKK

If you are like us, who likes to taste all sorts of local food, beverages and sweets then chances are high that the food section would top the budget list, irrespective of how much economical it is to eat out. Ærø is comparatively cheaper than rest of Denmark when it comes to food. The prices in restaurant are not that much high (even in the town centre). Odense, on the other hand, has the same price tag as rest of Danish cities. The total food cost for the entire trip was of 2300 DKK.

We visited two museums –  Ærø historical museum and H.C.Andersen’s child house in Odense – which amounted to 120 DKK for 2 persons. Rest all other things didn’t had any entry fees!

We bought a hand painting from Ærø as a souvenir which costed 75 DKK.

All in all, below is the total cost incurred to us for our 3 nights/4 days trip:

Hotel/Apartment 1941 DKK
Transport 1175.4 DKK
Food 2299.5 DKK
Museum 120 DKK
Souvenir 75 DKK
Total 5610.9 DKK

Note that, reaching Ærø is neither simple nor cheap. And, it’s definitely not an option as an day trip from Copenhagen either.

Disclaimer: The above figures are based on the trip made in Aug’15 and our travelling way. This should be taken as reference only!  🙂

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