A&N Islands: Aerial View


Andaman & Nicobar Islands (A&N Islands) are a group of islands in South East region of India, around 1300kms from the mainland, a beautiful and less explored region & our birthplace. Yes, that’s right. The islands are basically known for tourism (places/things it offers to be explored) & it’s history from the British regime in India. The most famous historical monument being the Cellular Jail, a colonial prison! The combo of beauty+history makes these islands one of the places to be seen.  And we had the privileged to be born at such a lovely location! 🙂

The other common name known to Indians for these islands in ‘Kala Pani’, in English it means Black Water. The ruling government before independence had created a situation to call these islands as `Kala Pani` because of the inhuman barbarisms inflicted on the patriot prisoners, a place of death from where only the luckiest returned.

The islands didn’t got much exposure in the past from the tourism perspective and there were only few who knew about the place. And that’s why there are still some times, when we get the question back from our fellow Indians: Where are these islands? Do we need Visa to go there? 😀

The time has changed now as the islands are getting more exposure now, thanks to a lot of travel advertisement at the national level. The tourism industry in these islands are blooming! Happy face! And, I am taking it to the international level (probably!).

Below are few pics which depicts the first few glances of the islands while flying from mainland to Port Blair, the capital city of the islands:

Picture 006 Picture 008 Picture 009 Picture 011

And a short video, which I shot few years back during my visit:

Below is a video from Ministry of Information & Broadcasting briefing a bit of history of these islands:

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