Bornholm Cost Sheet – July’15



As said in my travel post, Bornholm is a place where one can spend days indulging in lot of nature activities and doing adventure sports. Sadly for us, it was only 2 3 days in Bornholm. And we tried to do as much as we can in this period – mainly visiting each town in these islands hopping from one place to another using public transport.

We traveled from Copenhagen to Bornholm by bus (Graahundbus – rute 866) via Ystad and it costed 580 DKK for two persons each way. So, the round trip costed 1160 DKK. Since we used public transport in the island to go to other towns on all days on our stay – it costed us 610 DKK for all the three days for two persons. We mainly used the entire day pass or clip cards with multiple trips instead of buying single tickets.

Our stay was with BB hotels in Rønne – which costed us 1180 DKK for two persons for two nights. The hotel was in town centre with basic breakfast.

Most of the time we had local cuisine as part of our meal – we were hitting the cafés/restaurants about which we knew and their rating. It was only once or twice we ate something which was non-Danish! Apart from usual lunch & dinner, there was many a times when we ended in bakeries to taste the local products like cakes, pastries & breads -and were always complemented with coffee. So, the food for 3 days costed us 1678 DKK for two persons.

And lastly, we bought couple of small souvenirs which costed 45 DKK.

In total, it goes like this:

Hotel 1180 DKK
Transportation 1770 DKK
Food 1678 DKK
Souvenir 45 DKK
Total 4673 DKK

Disclaimer: The above figures are based on the trip made in July’15 and our traveling way. This should be taken as reference only! 

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