Brussels – A first time

One thing which popped up in my mind every time before visiting Brussels was – What to expect from a city like Brussels? I was not too sure on the things to do or to see, as I didn’t do any search before hand. Is it just the capital city? A city which (at least by pictures) looks more like a site from the WWII period? Or a city famous for beers, fries, waffles…? Or to expect something entirely different? To my experience,  it fulfilled all sort of expectations, depending on which part of city I was in!! A lot of old buildings in & around the central part of the city – something loved and cherished by locals a lot. A bit outside of city centre, a modern Brussels can be witnessed with high rising buildings!

Our visit to Brussels was for 2 nights during Halloween.  We traveled to Brussels from Dinant on the Halloween Day.  And our stay was with one of the Airbnb hosts right at the city center. We started our day by strolling through the old part of the city. The first destination was The Manneken Pis, to our surprise it was even more smaller than what we expected!!

Are you serious!!!
Are you serious!!!

The sibling love <3, his sister Jeanneke Pis is also not too far from him. Definitely worth a visit, even though she been locked behind bars (not sure why!).


Few more clicks from the city stroll:

DSC0001 (325) _DSC0987 _DSC1046 _DSC1061 DSC0001 (248) DSC0001 (256)

The Miniature park (Mini Europe) deserved a visit as well – this was even bigger than the one in Den Haag (in Netherlands)! And just in front of Miniature park stands the tall Atomium, which is very much visible from each corner of the miniature park – one cannot miss it from anywhere! And we end up having it in lot of photos 🙂

DSC0001 (217)        DSC0001 (108) DSC0001 (159)          DSC0001 (189) DSC0001 (101)

From eating perspective:

We had breakfast all days @Boulangerie Charli. Nice small bakery not too far from city centre and with good selection of baked stuffs for breakfast.

Had lunch one day in an Asian restaurant next to our apartment Suki , which was nice.

Coffee & Waffle times – Leonidas, Cafe Vergnano 1882,@ComicsCafe and a lot of times through street stalls.

The first night (the Halloween night) we had dinner @HardRockCafe – they had the Halloween theme for that night. Even though we were not dressed up in Halloween costume, it was fun to watch others 😛

Zombify-ing a zombie!
Zombify-ing a zombie!



The other night, we went to a local restaurant Le Fin De Siècle, which was recommended by our Airbnb host – it’s one of the Brussels most popular restaurant. We had to stand in the queue for like 45-50 minutes before  we got the table! Even being so popular, this resturant do not have a website of their own and even do not accept cards! But again they offer really delicious Belgian dishes at very reasonable price.

Other thing which I ate nearly in every 4 hours was Belgian Rice tart from Panos! Oh… I am really missing it…..

There are lot of places in Brussels where one can find pretty cheap beers and don’t have to spend too much to try out everything. One such place which we found was Celtica, right at the city centre & not far from the Gorte Market. We were able to buy beers for only 1€ o..O

The other perspective of the city – street arts:

DSC0001 (347) DSC0001 (278) DSC0001 (291)

Brussels is a fantastic city with a lively atmosphere and rich & vibrant culture. It has a sort of freshness in it. A city definitely worth a visit for any sort of excuse! 🙂

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