How much does Budapest travel cost?


Budapest Travel Cost

As said in our other posts of Buda & Pest the city is huge & has a great mix of cultures with perfect blend of landscape – making it really incredible. Despite being it’s size, the places to see and things to do are very close to each other. It’s a city which is slowly making it’s mark on the tourism scene – it’s not there yet, but soon it would be, given the opportunities it provides to explore from a traveler’s perspective. Because it’s not so touristy at the moment, most of the things are reasonably priced. The monthly wages for the locals are not on a very high side (when compared to Western European cities) – giving city a budget feel. The currency used is Hungarian Forint (HUF) which is on lower side when compared to DKK or INR. When we visited in March’16 the currency conversion was 1 DKK = 42 HUF and 1 INR = 4.16 HUF.

Our plan to visit Budapest was made and finalized only 7 days before the actual trip – we found flight tickets and hotels at a very reasonable price! We flew with Norwegian Airlines (one of the best low cost European airlines) and had our stay booked with Bo33 – a 4 star hotel just outside the old town on Pest side with quite big & clean rooms layered with great hospitality with 24 hours spa access included in the price. However, there are tons of other great hotels, hostels and BnB’s to choose from depending upon one’s wish and plans. Our Flight cost was 1788 DKK and hotel for 4 nights costed 2150 DKK.

As the things to see are pretty close to each other, the best (or even recommended) way is to see-the-city-on-foot. However, the public transport is also not very expensive with several options available like day pass, 3 days pass, 7 day pass and others. We bought the Budapest Welcome Card – they had the sort of promotion running where few things were free. However, we bought the package on top which gave us free transport option along with free entry to few museums including 2 free walking tours and discounts on many places. That costed us 15,000 HUF for 2 persons. We did used taxi service few times during our travel, which amounted to 16,110 HUF.

Food in Budapest is delicious & super cheap – just make sure that you don’t end up in a tourist trap restaurant. Just check the restaurant’s  review on Trip Adviser or other review platform before going – it’s always the best thing to do, until and unless you are ready to play! We had that covered and we spent around 62,205 HUF for 4 days which included Lunch, dinner, coffees, cakes, more general snacking and trying out few traditional Hungarian things.

So adding up the above and few other spending, our trip costed (round off):

in HUF in DKK in INR
114,300 6,730 68,500

Use the above numbers for reference only, don’t fall for it!

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