Day out at Skagen – The Top of Denmark


At the top of Jutland region of Denmark, Skagen serves as the northern most town of Denmark (excluding Faroe Islands & Greenland). The natural beauty of this small town it’s really incredible, which makes it a great destination for travel. All houses with yellow & red colors adds a lot to it’s beauty. The town is lively & vibrant in itself. Precisely speaking of the northern most point – it’s 2.5 km northwest of Grenen, a long sandbar at Skagen Odde.

We did Skagen as a day trip from Aalborg. To reach Skagen, we took the regional train to Frederikshavn and then change to local train to reach Skagen which took almost 2 hours (one way). We used our Rejsekort personal – which costed much less than the normal ticket. The one way cost was 64.5 DKK per person.

Being in such a touristy place, there are few nice things to explore:

* Get to the northern most tip – Grenen – where Kattegat & Skagerrak meet. This is around 4 kms from center of Skagen. And to reach the tip, one has to walk around 1.5 kms from the parking spot. This place also has quite a number of hiking routes, which we didn’t knew before hand. Otherwise, we would have definitely stayed in Skagen for a night.

* Red tiled roofs along with white trim & yellow walls …that’s  Gammel Skagen – the area where all millionaires & billionaires (majorly Danes) owns summer house.

* And, experience the largest migrating coastal dune in Northern Europe at Råbjerg Mile – between Skagen and Frederikshavn.

* To get great panoramic view of Skagen – get to top of the water tower, near to city center.

* Roam around the city center – there are so many places to click some really nice photographs.

Skagen city view with Grenen in the background
Skagen city view with Grenen in the background
Råbjerg Mile
Råbjerg Mile
Råbjerg Mile
Råbjerg Mile
That's the northern most tip!
That’s the northern most tip!
It's all Red & Yellow.
It’s all Red & Yellow.

Try out coffee & some really tasty pastries @Krages Bageri. One of the best! The prices are reasonable and plain black coffee was available as refill!

Once you are in Skagen and wants to use public transport between Skagen-Grenen-Råbjerg Mile, check out for the schedule of bus 99. It’s the only bus and is not frequent. During our stay in the town, the bus frequency was once in 1 or 1.5 hrs.

Tip: Try to do Skagen as sole destination trip instead of a day trip. There are lot of things in Skagen which can really fill out the time for 2-3 days like hiking & spending some quality time by the beach or strolling sea side.

It didn’t took us much time in realizing that we took the right step forward in exploring Denmark. Never thought we can see & hear such differences between two regions of a country which speaks same language & has same culture. Quiet amazed!

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