Green & superstitious city: Bremen

Posted on June 9, 2015   Read Time: 6 minutes

One thing for sure – there is nothing more greener than Bremen! Let it be the nature or their flag or their football club jersey or some of their monuments. How about if their football club wins a game! How does that feel & look? MORE GREENISH!! 

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2 days in Hamburg

Posted on May 29, 2015   Read Time: 6 minutes

Initially we thought Hamburg as a second city with very little to do from travel point of view! That was the time when we didn’t knew much about the city and hardly did any research to increase the knowledge bank.

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One day in Lübeck

Posted on April 21, 2015   Read Time: 6 minutes

Lübeck is a small historical city with a medieval look in Hanseatic region of Germany (North Germany). It’s old town has been listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage site. Apart from the historical influence, Lübeck is home to best Marzipan in the world and known to be the Marzipan capital of the world – mainly

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48 hours in Prague: A travelogue!

Posted on March 28, 2015   Read Time: 6 minutes

Prague is a city which is known for it’s medieval look with a bit of fairy tale feel and it’s beer culture – that was sufficient for us to make a trip. The other things for which Prague is known for are – garnets, classic crystals & marionette.

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Malmö – Copenhagen Swedish Sister!

Posted on March 20, 2015   Read Time: 4 minutes

Only 30 minutes train ride away from Copenhagen & on the other side of the Baltic Sea, lies a beautiful, charming & small city of Malmö, which offers a laid-back environment & relaxing atmosphere. The “relax” feel comes from the fact that the city has lot of parks with multitude of monuments. Apart from greenery, the

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‘Obvious’ Venice

Posted on February 26, 2015   Read Time: 7 minutes

Irrespective of anyone’s age, gender, choice or will, it remains one of the obvious choice for all. It’s a place to be visited by everyone at least once in lifetime. That’s how Venice is!

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Florence & Pisa

Posted on February 25, 2015   Read Time: 6 minutes

Florence & Pisa – these are two cities in the Tuscany region of Italy and near to Rome. Florence being the capital of Tuscany region is known for it’s cultural & artistic things along with it’s picturesque streets. On the other hand, Pisa is known for it’s lone Leaning Tower and is a small city to

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3 days in Rome

Posted on February 19, 2015   Read Time: 6 minutes

Rome is pretty big. It is filled with large crowds & bad traffic. Yet it is one of the remarkable cities of the world with diversity in culture, food & people. The very first thing we did right was not to travel in summer to Rome.

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One day in Milan

Posted on February 16, 2015   Read Time: 4 minutes

Milan as a city, don’t need any special introduction. It is one of the four fashion capitals of the world and often looked upon as a gateway to Italy.

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Oslo – A weekend getaway

Posted on February 6, 2015   Read Time: 5 minutes

This trip was made during the Autumn 2012, roughly 11 months after we came to København. We learned about it from some of our friends and we decided to do it during one of the weekends.

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