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It has been 3 years 7 months & 4 days, to be precise it’s 187 weeks or to be more precise it’s 1312 days since we have been living in Denmark as Expats. And yet, how much have we explored Denmark…….close to zero. 🙁

Initially, my work contract was for couple of months, which later extended to 6 months, then to 1 year, then to 2 years and the story continued. This period gave us a lot of reasons to smile, celebrate & experience something which was completely different from our home country (read it as India). We travelled to different parts of Europe, whenever I had the time and experienced a lot we can while being here, in this amazing country. Our first trip in Europe was to Paris, followed by a lot of other countries. However, in between all these we never thought (at least seriously) of exploring the country where we have spend so much of time – Denmark!! It’s so easy to skip the place where you start living & focus somewhere else! But now, we have decided to shift our focus a bit towards this small country.

For the next few months (until we are in Denmark) we will try to visit as many places as possible in Denmark and try to soak what all different regions has to offer – different types of Smørrebrød & Remoulade, more happiness, more of Viking culture & also a bit of different dialects (now when we understand a bit of Danish).

There is no definite plan on the places to visit  – all of them would be decided as we move along. Most of our travels would be over weekend! Moreover, a lot of them would depend upon the transport & accommodation availability and ‘the weather’. Along with this, we will also try to check out some local deals, if we can find something interesting! It’s going to be a new chapter in our life. 🙂

We will be documenting our stories & experiences under ‘Exploring Denmark’ series and we would use the tag #TTBexploredenmark.

The very first travel as part of this series starts tomorrow with weekend trip to Aalborg & Skagen (that was fast :))

We are happy & excited for this new thing……So, stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “‘Exploring Denmark’ Series

  1. Hi Kapil,
    Great idea to traveling to different places in Denmark. I’m pretty sure you will get amazed when visiting these small cities with the pedestrian streets and beautiful places.
    I hope you will have some great experiences.
    All the best- Enjoy Tour de Denmark.
    // Kim

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