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After years of long thinking and laziness, I have decided to write down my first post. I’ll hope (during the complete time) that I’ll complete this and continue with my other blogs.

Since this is my first blog I have planned to write my first ever bike trip which I did with some of my friends. It was our first ever bike trip and the one which I would remember & cherish my whole life, not because of being the first bike trip but the way it was planned and we executed it. I’ll try to write it as far as I remember, but again few things are lost with the time! 😛

Even after 5 years, I still remember………. it was a Thursday evening….. me and Shashank (Balooni) were having the dinner at our apartment and we suddenly remembered our talk regarding trip we discussed last weekend (when we were high) to do in the coming weekend. See….. getting high is not always bad, many great ideas comes from there and for us it ended up in a trip 😉 Yay! We called our friends – Swagat & Sarthak (don’t carried away because everyone’s name starts with ‘S’ apart from mine….co-incidence…huh) and spoke about our plan to do a bike trip starting the next day. BUT they were of the opinion that the guys on the other side are still high. They didn’t knew what they were about to face next day.

We four had already decided to go to Puducherry. Me & Balooni started planning and though that we should  start by 14:00, so that we can reach around 20:00 – 21:00. We planned to took our bikes, pick other two from Electronic City and follow the Bengaluru-Hosur-Krishnagiri-Chengam-Thiruvannamalai-Gingee-Puducherry route. We wanted to do this trip mainly from a drive point of view and be at some beach city for a weekend. Nothing much. We had been previously to Puducherry, but we hired a cab at that time. That was with Harshmeet (Poppy), Piyush (Jhamb) & Balooni.

The route:

B t P

I took off from my office next day (sick leaves are just made for these…sshhh!). Balooni took second half off. As usual, we were late and started from our home (Murugeshpalya) at 14:30 and reached Electronic Office around 15:30. The two guys (Sarthak & Swagat) were still shocked and not sure if we are really into the thing of going Puducherry on a bike! They asked repeatedly “are you sure …. we are going???”. But there was no one to stop. We didn’t went to Electronic City for a bike ride and have a chai-sutta on a Friday afternoon! Finally, after lot of conversations & few puffs, they went to packed their stuffs. Our trip finally started at 16:30. We were in Krishnagiri at around 18:00 and touched State Highway at dusk. Our pre-decided time of reaching destination was nowhere possible and to add more to it, we had a helping hand from rain now & then during most of our journey.

Just outside BangaloreMidway clicksMidway clicks

Oh….ho….. anyone noticed that the place-to-stay is booked or not? That we realized at middle of our trip!!! We prayed that the person whom we stayed with in our last Puducherry trip is still there (not that he is down, but available on phone) and he has some sort of accommodation available. Since we were too late, we were pretty sure that getting any sort of hotel around midnight is not going to be easy! Here I introduce Thandapani – the man who has solutions to everything. He did his best in order to cater our late needs and made sure that we had a place to sleep after reaching Puducherry. A small hut, close to beach but without any sort of service or a bit of luxury – that means cheap!

We reached Puducherry at around 01 in the morning (with lot of breaks), greeted by some policemen and finally ended up in our small hut. By this time we were completely tired and our asses were fried after such a long bike trip. Below picture may depict some sort of feelings! We called off the day once we were settled in our place-to-be for next couple of days.

Our rented place....

Next couple of days we were mainly at the beach during at the day and in clubs/pubs in the night with a bit of sightseeing. Visited the backwaters, paradise beach. The highlight of the trip was late night visit to a local pub where we saw some best ever dance moves…..and Barik was quite good afterwards to copy those 😛 Another was ‘MASS‘ ….. Bhaiya chalte toh mass, bhaiya dihkte toh mass…… ma…ma…mass. !!!!!LOLZ!!!! I’ll never forget that! I miss that movie though 😛

Tree housePicture 151Picture 161Picture 162Picture 174Picture 199Kitna khush hai!Picture 206Balooni @Local Pub

We followed the same route while coming back to Bangalore. Visited Gingee fort on way back and send off with rain as soon as we left Hosur.

Finally he got the chance to be in driver seat :PPicture 216Picture 220Picture 230Picture 221Picture 232Picture 241Picture 244Picture 249Picture 251Picture 256Picture 257

That’s all I have to write for this. It took only couple of hours to write this one and couple more to re-edit with pics and some final updates. I think, that’s great start… 😀

If any of guys remember more, please comment below so that I can update this blog.

Trip Made – Aug’09

Blog written – Aug’14

Destination – Puducherry

Part of Story – Shashank, Sarthak, Swagat, Kapil

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