Green & superstitious city: Bremen


One thing for sure – there is nothing more greener than Bremen! Let it be the nature or their flag or their football club jersey or some of their monuments. How about if their football club wins a game! How does that feel & look? MORE GREENISH!! That’s how we saw the city on our arrival – their football club just won a match against one of their rivals (I guess it was against Hamburg). The whole population was in party mood and no one wants to let it go. It was raining, the people were dancing, cheering for their team and at the end celebrating the victory. A dream moment for them!

One of the reasons for them could be the luck! As there are quite a few things in order to get lucky:

* Knee holding of Roland statue – look at them, they would probably need replacement in order to bring further luck!

Roland Statue
Roland Statue

* Not far enough, rubbing the front legs of the donkey of brown sculpture of The Town Musicians of Bremen is suppose to bring in good luck. Now to complete the story – one has to rub both the legs, not just one! If you had been to Bremen, held only one leg of the donkey and luck is not flowing – go back and hold both of them!


* Now, if above is not enough, then get to Böttcherstraße and hold the boobs of the lady! Not sure what sort of luck would this bring?


* And for some, even these are not enough. So what they do? Try to sneak in some more fun by holding the penis of this boy. Damn those superstitious things!


If getting lucky is not a thing or have/had enough luck, the small city of Bremen has quite a few things to offer to see and visit:

* The Rathuas – the city center with City hall, the Cathedral, the sculpture of Bremen Town Musicians & the Roland statue.

There is an option to get to the top of St. Peter’s Cathedral which gives city’s view from closed area. Not great for photography, but give decent view!

* The historical street of Böttcherstraße – this pedestrianized arcade is Bremen’s ‘secret high street’. It hosts House of the Seven Lazy Brothers, Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Roselius Haus with few others.

5 out of Seven Lazy Brothers
5 out of Seven Lazy Brothers
the other two of Seven Lazy Brothers
the other two of Seven Lazy Brothers

* Schnoor Quarter – Bremen’s oldest district. It’s a maze of 15th/16th century houses lining the alleys. Now home to artists and goldsmiths workshops and galleries. This area houses many cafés, bars & restaurants.

Typical Streets in Schnoor
Typical Streets in Schnoor
Typical Streets in Schnoor
Typical Streets in Schnoor

* Strolling alongside river Wesser – a popular place where locals can be found lazing around.

Tip: In the evening, buy some drinks from the local shop and enjoy  the riverside life.

Riverside with stadium in the back
Riverside with stadium in the back
Bremen's Daily life
Bremen’s Daily life

Apart from above there is a lake as well in the city, quite a few monuments and a park with a small windmill.


Our main roaming day in Bremen was the Easter Day which meant this:


But on the other side, we found some cultural things to see. A local band performing on the streets:

Bremen is a great city to travel. It’s nice & compact with plenty to see and some really nice places to eat out.

How long in Bremen?

I would say 1-2 days. If you are planning for one complete day visit, try to come a night before so that you have the next complete day to wander around.

Getting to Bremen?

Bremen is merely 1 hour train ride away from Hamburg central station. There is a regional train departing every ½ hour from Hamburg central station.

Have you heard of Bremen and had been there? If not, make sure to take out time for this place in your next travel to Germany 🙂

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