Next Destination: Be–Lux

A travel trip after a long time…… and starting in even less than 12 hours… YaY!! Last trip we did was in June to Austria…long way back!!

It was not an easy decision to schedule a trip at this time of the year, especially when I have a hell lot of things to do at my workplace. Deepa was insisting a lot to travel out somewhere during fall. Somewhere near but out of Denmark. After a lot of yes-no-yes conversation, she finally won. There were two things to decide – time & the place. Initially we were planning for week 42, but that didn’t worked out! Started traversing the European map to find the place/city/country to visit. Started with the thought of doing the fjord trip starting with Bergen in Norway, followed by doing a road trip along River Rhine in West Germany, even more followed by going to Budapest to get some last bit of sun rays before winter fall upon us! All these thoughts flew away as fast as they came 🙂 Only one remained … Belgium.


Next step –> finalize the cities in Belgium – Bruges & Brussels by default. And I think that would be enough for me of the Belgium cities in such a short span of time. So, what to do …… add something else and that’s where the tiny Luxembourg came in. So, it’s Belgium & Luxembourg 😀


I am pretty sure that it would be a lot of fun as autumn is on it’s peak and we would have a lot of Beers to accompany us along with good food and chocolates. Add to that … Belgium Frites and waffles… Yum!



Flying to Brussels tomorrow – going to Bruges directly – then to Luxembourg – back to Belgium (Dinant) – and finally Brussels.

So, all set for tomorrow…….. more to come from the trip in the coming days…….


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