Oslo – A weekend getaway

This trip was made during the Autumn 2012, roughly 11 months after we came to København. We learned about it from some of our friends and we decided to do it during one of the weekends. The plan was to take the overnight cruise from Nordhavn (in København), which would reach Oslo the next morning at 9:30, visit the city during the day and return the same day in the same cruise. This cruise trip to Oslo is quite famous and is one of the popular things done by the tourists visiting Copenhagen as well as by the locals. It’s more like a weekend gateway for Danes with party on the cruise :). The cruise is operated by DFDS seaways and runs daily. They have lot of room options – we choose a room with double bed and sea view. Since this was our first cruise trip, we were quite excited.

Cruise view from the Nordhavn station
Cruise view from the Nordhavn station

We boarded the cruise a bit early, which gave us enough time to go around the cruise and clicks some pics from the deck, before the cruise starts sailing and chilly autumn winds confines us to inside part of the cruise.

Øresund bridge view from the cruise
Øresund bridge view from the cruise



As soon as the cruise departed, it meant the official opening of the bars. The cruise has lot of bars to choose from. Also they have a duty free shop, to buy cheap drinks and other stuffs. Instead of hitting some bar/pub at first go, we bought couple of beers from the duty free shop and after some time went to the bar. We tried to sit out for some time, but the wind didn’t allowed us to do that.


The next morning even before we knew, we were about to reach Oslo. We tried to snap some front view of the city but we barely managed, thanks to the strong sea wind!!




Oslo is a small city to walk around and explore. We decided to explore the city on foot only, as that would give a nice insight to the city, instead of hopping around point to point using public transport. Since we had only few hours (~6 hours) to wander around, we had to plan our walk with short breaks for food re-fueling. We started with Operahuset, which was next to the port and then walked towards the city center – visiting the cathedral, passing through the Grev Wedels Plass, visiting Akershus fortress,  strolling through numerous streets & monuments, National theater & The Royal Palace.







Being the Autumn time, the city was covered in brown & light yellowish colors. That gave the city a completely different look and also made some clicks quite worthy.




There are a lot of things in Oslo to do & to see. It’s definitely not just some hours city. But since we were running out of time and it was already around 15:15/15:30,  we had to start our walk back to the harbor to take the cruise back to DK.

The trip back was pretty much the same, with drinks and the food on board!

The trip is great as a weekend getaway from København and it would be of much more fun if the group is bigger.

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