Luxembourg: Little yet diverse

Luxembourg is a country which is comparatively much smaller than it’s name suggests. It’s a country whose capital city has the same name as that of country, a country which is so small that you can travel from north to south in max 2 hours, (more…)


Bruges – A tiny magical city

I started writing this blog on the 3rd day of our Be–Lux trip, on the train to the Luxembourg City (from Brussels), in a compartment full of luggage & filled with young children yelling at each other in disguise, an old man surrounded by these kids (more…)


Recap: ’14

There is no better feeling than to learn from your mistakes and correct it for the next time. That’s how the year 2014 has been for me. I learned a lot of things and grow a bit more mature. A roller-coaster year with good, bad and no-so-bad things. A year where I initiated some new things inclusive of this. (more…)


Poland Travel – Zakopane

This place popped up in our itinerary while I was trying to find out places for Christmas time in Poland. It was mentioned in the one of comments by some user in some forum (completely forgot the name of the forum now!!!). As soon as I saw the pics of this place, never had second thoughts. Our itinerary seems completed. (more…)


Poland Travel – Gdańsk

One of the first thing I do in a new city is to explore the city on foot. At least I use half a day to go around and check out the things. I always prefer to stay with some locals in the central part of city so that you are close to everything (more…)