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One of the first thing I do in a new city is to explore the city on foot. At least I use half a day to go around and check out the things. I always prefer to stay with some locals in the central part of city so that you are close to everything – this really gives the freedom to wander around the streets on foot (without investing too much time on transport). Additional advantage – can be outside late without worrying too much about the transport to get back to the apartment. Staying with locals gives you an insight into the city which otherwise is very difficult to get when you are in a city for travelling for only a small time period!

To be frank, I never heard of Gdańsk until I tried to book a ticket to Poland. It was one of our friend who recommended us on how to travel to Poland on budget tickets from Copenhagen. And that’s where I first came to knew about the the city. Researched a bit and ready to go!

We reached Gdańsk – a port city (Danzigers (to use theGerman name) or Gdańszczanin (to use the Polish)) on 20th Dec late night or 21st Dec early morning. We were greeted with fair amount of snow showers….first sign about how much harsh this winter trip can be! Didn’t had any sign of snow until now in Europe and all of a sudden it was there! The Polish name, Gdańsk is actually the real McCoy, meaning ‘town located on the Gdania river’.

We had one complete day to explore the city. Not enough to do everything, so we had to concentrate on the important things. We wandered through the streets exploring all the monuments and buildings in the old town and small Christmas market besides Upland’s Gate. One of the impressive stroll was on the ‘Dluga Street’ which runs from ‘The Golden Gate’ to ‘The Green Gate’ and to the waterfront with a lot of attractions on both the sides of street. We crossed the bridge to get a great view of the waterfront. After the day’s stroll through the city we were excited about city architecture. Really amused to see how the city has recovered back after World War II. A beautiful & an incredible city to visit. Thankfully the weather was pleasant throughout the whole day. Was quite windy though, but cannot complain being the winter season 🙂


We had the breakfast @Pellowski Cafe, skipped the lunch, had evening snacks @Cafe Retro and finally dinner @HRC Gdańsk.

End of a perfect day. Next day to Kraków!

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