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Kraków being the cultural capital of Poland was always on our list of cities to visit. The best way was to stay with some locals, which we were able to do via Airbnb. Our feeling for the city can be best described exactly as below, in the same as described by IYP guide for Krakow:

a city which when donning a dusting of fresh snow and viewed through its own cheerful prism of holiday magic, quite convincingly transforms itself into an intricate village of gingerbread houses with candy-cane columns, gumdrop-topped gables and chimneys puffing cotton candy clouds over vanilla-iced rooftops. Give this snow-globe a shake and suddenly the sound of tourist trolleys zipping around blasting pop hits has been overcome by“.

One thing that can be found everywhere in this city is Obwarzanek – it’s more like a culinary journey through Kraków. I was quite surprised to see people selling them in almost every street of the city! Mostly I have seen old woman sitting with their  and selling these small stuffs! It doesn’t always give good feeling to see oldies sitting whole day outside in these cold times and selling them! Some day……

There were lot of things happening in the city and being the Christmas time, there were couple of really good Christmas markets as well. The one at Main Market was the highlight. We were able to taste almost all Polish cuisine in those Christmas markets. Those included: Placki (Potato cakes), several kind of pierogi, Smalec, Baklava (though not being Polish) & Polish mulled wine.

We were in Kraków for 2 days mainly exploring the city, the cities old buildings (especially near Jewish Centre), clicking numerous monuments, finding Polish cuisines, trying out multiple bars for a near-perfectly blended cocktail, sipping hot wines and so on….

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A beautiful city which has left a lot of impressions on us. Definitely need another trip (probably much longer than 2 days) to get into it’s root!!!

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