Polska, Polen, Poland!

I started this blog to mainly write down my experience as a traveler (along with few other things) some months back. But was never consistent – mainly because of my work added with laziness in the weekends and lately some hard party stuffs!!

My last write up was some time back … a night before my travel to Belgium & Luxembourg. And as I said, never got the right time to write down….. I always look for some excuse to do anything! Probably in the near future when I’ll get the right excuse will right about my travel experience from my Be–Lux trip.

But for now since Christmas is only few days away now and with no sign of snow in Denmark this year and especially when the hard efforts put from work perspective has paid off, it’s time for the next travel – this time to Poland (time to raise Polish flag!). That’s how I inspire myself …. work hard & travel often, but don’t forget to party harder.


It was some days of roller coaster ideas to decide the place to travel. As always started with Lapland idea to visit Santa Claus Village, visiting Christmas Markets in Germany, doing a northern light trip to Trømsø and some more…….

We would be flying to Gdańsk from Malmö with WhizzAir. Spending couples of days exploring that city and later going to Krakow followed by a small village called Zakopane in the southern Poland (the Tatra Mountains). I am very much excited in trying some very very authentic Polish dish and some local Vodka 😉

But before that trip, i still have a little bit of today and tomorrow to finish off my work for this year 😀

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