Recap: ’14

There is no better feeling than to learn from your mistakes and correct it for the next time. That’s how the year 2014 has been for me. I learned a lot of things and grow a bit more mature. A roller-coaster year with good, bad and no-so-bad things. A year where I initiated some new things inclusive of this.

A year when I dig deeper into the travel community by following a lot of travel blogs/guys in order to see and learn what other travellers are up to and follow their travel plan and be inspired by them. I’ll try compile a list of them in my other blog in nearby future.

I had been to India twice last year (once for real vacation and other one in emergency), Berlin Trip during Easter time, Austria trip in June, Belgium & Luxembourg trip in Oct and lately Poland trip during Christmas time – which made it to six in total. I cannot pick one trip which stand out from others as all of them were good from their own perspective. I have been evolving continuously as a traveller and will continue doing so.

The other thing which changed my daily life a bit last year was my love towards Android. Yes, there was a time (I think around 3-4 years back) when didn’t liked Android even a bit. No specific reason, it just didn’t happened. And then I bought Nexus 4 couple of years back and my feelings changed since then! 🙂 As a result I started following a lot of Android blogs, news post and other advancements in that field – which gave me courage to experiment with my phone which until some time back was a ‘black-box’. MY love grew so much that I had to try Android on something other than a phone – a watch – LG G Watch R. That’s like a cool geek! Happy for that 🙂

Other thing: Since now I have been living in Copenhagen for some time now, I had the feeling to learn the Danish language which can be dated back to Nov’13. Started Danish classes in Dec’13, but it was only last year where I learned a lot of it and now can understand the basic statements. One of the objective of this year is to get at least 2 levels up so that I can communicate with others (to be read as Danes) in Danish by this year end. Another part of Danish classes were the friends which I made and I am really happy that now I have a good friend circle in Copenhagen. it’s always a good feeling 🙂

Not so good part was in middle last year, when my dad had a paralytic attack.  Thankfully he had a timely treatment for the same and has recovered a lot now. But another 3-4 months of treatment left!

Let’s see what this year has in box for me – from travel perspective, from work side, from social end and more importantly how many new gadgets I’ll own ;). Like to live the life as it happens to me……..

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