Recap: ’14

Posted on January 8, 2015

There is no better feeling than to learn from your mistakes and correct it for the next time. That’s how the year 2014 has been for me. I learned a lot of things and grow a bit more mature. A roller-coaster year with good, bad and no-so-bad things. A year where I initiated some new things inclusive of this.

A year when I dig deeper into the travel community by following a lot of travel blogs/guys in order to see and learn what other travellers are up to and follow their travel plan and be inspired by them. I’ll try compile a list of them in my other blog in nearby future.

I had been to India twice last year (once for real vacation and other one in emergency), Berlin Trip during Easter time, Austria trip in June, Belgium & Luxembourg trip in Oct and lately Poland trip during Christmas time – which made it to six in total. I cannot pick one trip which stand out from others as all of them were good from their own perspective. I have been evolving continuously as a traveller and will continue doing so.

The other thing which changed my daily life a bit last year was my love towards Android. Yes, there was a time (I think around 3-4 years back) when didn’t liked Android even a bit. No specific reason, it just didn’t happened. And then I bought Nexus 4 couple of years back and my feelings changed since then! 🙂 As a result I started following a lot of Android blogs, news post and other advancements in that field – which gave me courage to experiment with my phone which until some time back was a ‘black-box’. MY love grew so much that I had to try Android on something other than a phone – a watch – LG G Watch R. That’s like a cool geek! Happy for that 🙂

Other thing: Since now I have been living in Copenhagen for some time now, I had the feeling to learn the Danish language which can be dated back to Nov’13. Started Danish classes in Dec’13, but it was only last year where I learned a lot of it and now can understand the basic statements. One of the objective of this year is to get at least 2 levels up so that I can communicate with others (to be read as Danes) in Danish by this year end. Another part of Danish classes were the friends which I made and I am really happy that now I have a good friend circle in Copenhagen. it’s always a good feeling 🙂

Not so good part was in middle last year, when my dad had a paralytic attack.  Thankfully he had a timely treatment for the same and has recovered a lot now. But another 3-4 months of treatment left!

Let’s see what this year has in box for me – from travel perspective, from work side, from social end and more importantly how many new gadgets I’ll own ;). Like to live the life as it happens to me……..

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