Tips for making travel pocket friendly!


Cost is the first thing whenever one thinks of travel, irrespective of nature of travel. It’s one of the big factors which decides the travel destination, type of travel and all other things related to travel. It’s also becuase of which many people don’t want/like to travel.

Well, it’s true that travelling eats up some good amount from the pocket, but it depends upon how the travel is planned. Someone with big pocket will not have to worry much about all these. But most of us belongs to ‘middle-sized pocket’ group. So, it becomes utmost important to plan out the things beforehand to make sure that pockets are not emptied at once and also to have a continuous travel life. 🙂

Now when we talk about the travel cost, the two important things which eats up the most are: TransportAccommodation followed by the eateries. If these things are planned at the reasonable price, then travelling becomes a charm. It’s not every time that we can cut out the most her – based on our experiences, below are few tips:

  • Try to find/decide the itinerary of your own, instead of relying on some tours & travels or some packages (even though sometimes these packages are actually low cost, but that is for some other time).
  • At some places, hotels are usually expensive and sometimes B&B’s or home stays are expensive. Compare all types of accommodation at the place before finalizing. Hostels work as a great money saver at lot of places. There are websites like & Airbnb which gives nice insight to these.
  • If you are not able to find a budget place, then try to move a bit away from the central location. If the trip is a bit longer, then try to book multiple accommodation at different locations – couple of days in the centre and couple of days a bit outside the centre. In this way, one can bring down the cost and also living outside the city centre, will give a different feel of the place.
  • Once in the city, try to walk the smaller distances and use city transport for something which is far. List down all the sites to visit/see – get to the nearest one, then start walking to the nearby ones from one another. And at the end of the day, take the public transport back to your place. Less heavy on the pockets! And also, a good way of keeping yourself fit 😉
  • Biking is another option to get around in the city!
  • To know about the place, use some of the tip-based walking tours – they are perfect and one can pay what they desires, instead of paying a fixed price.
  • Try out the street foods – they are actually authentic & pretty cheap as compared to restaurants.
  • If to travel is the only motive (without any pre-decided destination), check out the offers across various airlines, bus operators, train,…… to find out a budget destination.
  • Carpooling is also a nice option for travelling between multiple cities/places.
  • Travel off-season, when things are less expensive when compared to high/peak-season. The other advantage is less crowd.

So, what I meant here? Be smart – in picking up the destination, in choosing the place to stay, how to get there & the things to do. It would need a bit of time, but then travelling becomes a lot more easier & fun. And you will probably know a little more about the place before visiting.

What more you think can make a traveller or a tourist smarter?

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